Making of Darshan Raval's 'Baarish Lete Aana'

So I was on my Mumbai work trip and I was about to return on next day. At evening, I got call from Darshan that he is shooting his next song and he wanted me to cover entire making of it as I was in Mumbai only, Without delay I cancelled my return ticket and next day reported at set in morning 8 am. It was a rainy day which sets mood of entire song very perfectly. 

It was my first experience to be on any shoot set and to cover it , I was amazed to see such huge number of people working for same song , Some people are working for set/Art direction,Others are taking luggage here from there, Light-men struggling to setup perfect lights and many many many other people on set.

at morning 9:30am first shot was ready and we started shooting, whole day of re-takes and shots and ACTIONfull day shoot ended at 3 am in morning , I was tired but worth experiencing it.

Here are some glimpse of making of Baarish Lete Aana-Darshan Raval 

Song Link : watch 

Cast : Darshan Raval / Nityaami Shirke  |   Director – Abhishek Sinha